FOTILE brand new LOHAS large fire cooker

The fire is big enough to taste enough!

When the locust came out, I wanted to make a stir-fry belly to kill the mouth, while listening to the oil pan to make a happy sound.

To make an authentic Chinese dish, the core of the problem lies in the word "firepower." However, many Chinese-style cooking dishes need to be fiercely fired to achieve the best realm. The mother who is used to Chinese cooking is dissatisfied with the firepower of the European stove. It is that the original "fried" that has been so hearty now becomes a slow "cooking", and the dish is not right.

Want a large fire stove, how to choose Chinese / Western style?

In fact, now a well-known brand like FOTILE has caught up with European and American brands in both technology and design, and even has some leading advantages in some technologies. Moreover, domestic cooking appliances will take more care of the usage habits and cooking needs of Chinese people. This is why more and more Chinese people choose to buy domestic cookers.

It’s easy to clean, and it’s enough to relax.

As the saying goes, "There is a mistake in the busy", especially when the guests entertain the guests at home. Fortunately, FOTILE mimics the super energy of the lotus leaf structure.
The gold-plated panel can be quickly cleaned even if it is sprinkled with broth. Removable knobs and burners for "obsessive-compulsive disorder"
You can also safely remove all sanitary corners. The rest is to let go of your hands and feet and show one in front of the guests.

Supercharged gold panel

Oil-free handprint, easy to clean

High performance knob

The temperature rise is lower, and it is not hot to use for a long time.

LOHAS cooker series